Aug 4 2016

Time to go Out

For years I had gone out with my girlfriends to eat out or to go see a movie once in a while. I had taken trips to family reunions, and had been on several dates that I felt something was missing. I decided it was time to do something different with my life. That was when I decided it was time to go back to school and improve on my self esteem. After working at a blue color job for a few years and going to college both online and at the campus the day finally arrived for me to receive my bachelor degree in business. With my degree in my hand and my resume all completed and up-to-date it was now time for me to find that perfect job. I also felt that this was now the right time to start wannafuck dating and meet new people.

Aug 1 2016

Boxing Event

I feel like I have been being rushed all day long today, to start off with I was late for work. My boss made me come in on a Saturday because we are behind on work, I can not remember the last time that I have worked on a Saturday.

Once I finished all of my work up, I had to rush home to shower and get ready for a date with my fuck buddy for sex in London. I have not seen him in about two months so I have been pretty nervous all day long.

We have dinner reservations for two at a very classy restaurant of his choice, I am a picky eating and I do not even know if I will be able to find anything that I like to eat on the menu. Once we are done eating, it is off to a boxing event that I have been so excited to attend.

Jul 26 2016

Let Me Complain!

I get so frustrated with today’s world that I literally wish I could just drink my life away and have fun. Unfortunately for me I can’t cause I’m stuck working a million hours a week at Leicester escort agency! I wish I was on the clients end where I get to enjoy drinks with a random stranger and feel wanted for an evening. But I can’t do that, not in my case. In my line of work it grows old quickly taking women out night after night. It becomes more or less a routine rather than fun. The first six month is usually tons of fun, but after that the newness starts to fade and you pretty much have to drag yourself out to work. The only time I come alive again is when a woman just wants company and conversation and they actually want to hear about my life. It gets me the chance to complain for once.

Jul 21 2016

The Perfect Wife

I was the best man in my brothers wedding last year and I was so proud of him that he finally was getting married. It did kinda of bother me that our every Friday guys night at the house was going to end. We would have about 10 of our friends over ever week for drinks, poker, food and watching adult webcams.

After the wedding he sat down with his new wife and explained our tradition that we did every week with the boys. This meant a lot to him to keep all of our old friends together and not to lose touch with. He explained how we would rather be home having a guys night than hanging out at the bars until the wee hours of the night. I was very surprised that she was fine with it and she even offered to do the cooking for all the guys.

Jul 19 2016

A Hot Beach Date

Having a few days off, I decided to treat myself to a beach vacation. It was crowded, but the weather was just perfect for sun bathing and a cool dip in the ocean. I didn’t bring any cold drinks with me, so I decided to buy one from a vendor. The line was long and hot, but it gave me a chance to look around at all the beautiful women in small bikinis.

While waiting, I noticed a stunning brunette I had passed while making my way to the food and drink stand. She was obviously dismayed by the number of people waiting to be served. Rather than force her to wait, I called to her and motioned her over as if we knew each other, and she was quick to accept.

After we purchased our drinks, she thanked me and asked if I was there for the day or longer. I told her I had a few days left, and she asked me how I felt about casual sex in Manchester. My smile was her answer, and she gave me her number. We’re getting together tonight, and I’m looking forward to seeing her again.

Apr 11 2016

Purchasing My Dream Home

I did not start looking to purchase my dream home until I was about forty years old. My ultimate goal was to save money out of every paycheck before I bought a house. I either wanted my house to have a small mortgage payment or no payment at all.

After a year of searching for homes, I decided that I wanted to relocate. One of my preferences was to live in year-round warm weather. The house that I ended up getting was in a great spot because there are so many activities to keep me and my Nottingham escorts companion busy.

We like to participate in all the water activities such as surfing, boating and kayaking. It is only minutes away from my home and the nightlife is excellent. I am close to local bars, shopping and dining areas. When I have to travel for work, I am only 20 minutes from the airport.

Apr 10 2016

Finally Happy

We finally made it to my boyfriends hometown. We have been waiting to come here for over four months now. He has grown so home sick that it has made me have a new found pity for him. When we met it was love at first site. He gave up everything to be with me including his job at escorts in Nottingham and his family back home. When you move to a new area and don’t know anybody it can be rather lonely at first until you establish a life in that place. Although our life is well established he works to much to be able to go out and meet new people. I guess I don’t blame him for wanting to go home so bad knowing that when he gets there he will be surrounded by everyone he knows and loves. I am just finally happy to see him smile.

Mar 20 2016

I Finally Get It

Over the years I have heard my friends talking about having a fuck buddy and being married and I always found it repulsive up until now. I’ve been with my wife for three years now and it seems we have lost all intimacy and communication. I don’t feel a spark like I used to and for some reason I have been wanting it more and more as each day passes. So last weekend I took it upon myself to try this whole one night stand thing. I must admit I felt very guilty after but had a feeling of relief as well. My wife just ignores me and complains all the time so this was an amazing way to boost my self-esteem and feel needed. I do not know if I will keep doing this, but for now it serves the purpose.